Commercial Head Grower – region New York, USA

Newark, USA

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Commercial Head Grower – region New York, USA
Vertically Controlled Environment Agriculture

AeroFarms is a change-the-world vertical farming company revolutionizing agriculture in the heart of Newark, NJ; just 8 short miles from New York City. AeroFarms mission is to transform agriculture by building and operating environmentally responsible farms throughout the world to enable local production at scale and nourish our communities with safe, nutritious, and delicious food. We use aeroponics to mist the roots of the greens with nutrients, water, and oxygen. AeroFarms’ aeroponic system is a closed loop system, using 95% less water than field farming and 40% less than hydroponics. Our engineered lighting allows tight control of size, shape, texture, color, flavor, and nutrition with razor-sharp precision and increased productivity. AeroFarms can take the exact same seed from the field and grow it in half the time as a traditional field farmer, leading to 390 times more productivity per square foot than a commercial field farm.
The past 12 months have been an exciting time for us. Our team has doubled during this period and we now need a special individual – an experienced and talented problem solver with two green thumbs to lead commercial growing operations in our new, state-of-the-art facility.

Your role:
You will be the onsite growing expert called upon for training, problem solving, and plant health monitoring, and will be responsible for yields and quality in collaboration with the Operations and R&D team. In this role, you will help provide leadership for the facility by working with cross-functional teams to ensure that long-range goals, strategies, plans, and policies are followed. You should be an experienced leader with a strong background in the growing of high quality produce. The ideal candidate will be able to demonstrate experience implementing new processes and facility start-up. You will be an energetic, forward-thinking and creative individual with high standards and good judgment. Our organization is fast-paced: we value individuals who can lead by example and keep focus in a team-centered environment.

Your tasks & responsibilities:
-Manage growing in a large-scale, commercial production facility.
-Ensure product quality, yields, sales volumes and deliveries are achieved.
-Oversee cleanliness, sanitation and organization of all equipment present within the facility.
-Implement and oversee water, media and nutrient solution management, sampling and testing
-Continue to develop an extensive knowledge base of successful Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
-Quantify and qualify data regularly, while following company policies and procedures.
-Lead by example and assist with seeding, scouting, irrigation, pest control, plant health, harvesting, etc.
-Contribute and improve upon already-existing operations and processes to improve work-flow, efficiency
and provide constructive feedback and recommendations.
-Operate heavy and light horticultural equipment and machinery.
-Facility maintenance and trouble-shooting as necessary.
-Develop methods for reducing costs while optimizing production.
-Comply with all HR policies, including confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.
-Communicate effectively with supervisors, contractors, and employees.
-Contribute to a fun, team-oriented and challenging work environment in an innovative and pioneering
-Other duties as assigned.

Your profile:
-Minimum five years of experience in a commercial greenhouse with a demonstrated history of success
with progressive team management. Experience in hydroponic and aeroponic growing would be
considered a plus.
-A four-year degree in Horticulture (BSc.) or closely related discipline; Masters preferred.
-Knowledge of large-scale commercial plant cultivation, including nutrient requirements and delivery
systems, plant health, growing mediums, light requirements, temperature and humidity control, air flow,
pH, EC and IPM etc.
-Knowledge of plant diseases, insects and fungi, as well as plant treatment options.
-Ability to perform routine equipment maintenance, management and minor repairs.
-Knowledge and experience with Horticulture automation and associated software with the ability to
learn new technologies.
-The ability to use data to recommend and implement process improvements that enhance efficiency,
yield, and quality.
-A commitment to compliance with Food Safety, HACCP, and Quality Control procedures.
-Experience developing and managing budgets.
-Ability to plan ahead, trouble-shoot, anticipate and solve problems and manage multiple tasks at a time.
-Ability to perform manual labor tasks required for the proper management of a large-scale grow
-Strong interpersonal skills and ability to lead and hold direct and non-direct personnel accountable for
meeting daily, weekly and monthly goals.
-An eye for improvement: you will continuously work to improve operating efficiencies, increase learning
and develop new skills.
-Leadership skills: you will recruit, train, mentor and motivate the farming team.
-Fluent in spoken and written English
-You are presently located, or willing to relocate to New York, USA

AeroFarms offers:
-An incredible ‘change-the-world’ company with the eyes of the world focused on our success.
-A team of motivated, intellectually curious individuals to support you.
-The backing of some seriously impressive firms including Goldman Sachs, Prudential and other leading
venture funds.
-Be eligible to work in USA (Newark), AeroFarms will support you in this matter (working permit, etc.)

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