Lead Grower Tomato and leafy vegetables- Fullfilled

Dubai, UAE

Green Career Consult searches for Madar Farms a talented

Lead Grower Tomato and leafy vegetables
Entrepreneurial, straight forward, coach, green fingers

Location: between Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Madar Farms has been founded early 2017 with a concept of climate controlled container farms. They will establish a production site January 2019 to grow tomatoes, leafy vegetables and microgreens in a controlled environment (Italian high tech equipment). The company has a  strong focus on sustainability (e.g. significantly reduction of water). They expecting to enlarge the facility the upcoming years and if successful to start site in other parts of de Gulf region. The company culture:  very professional approach, straight forward, be entrepreneurial and long term thinking (limited pressure from shareholders). Their extensive investment in product and varietal development is exciting.  Quality underpins their entire company; it’s important to them and is part of every decision they make.
We  are looking to appoint a suitably experienced candidate to manage the operation of the site as Lead Grower and to coach 2 growers now present party to be on track when the sites is ready. It is their desire to plan for future growth together with the successful appointee to the Lead Grower role.

Your role:
You lead a multidisciplinary and multicultural team of growers responsible for all aspects from seeding, trimming, pollinating, harvesting, and delivery. You ensure the quality of the delivered product to the final customers.
You ensure adequate staffing skills and availability to meet operational requirements. You are responsible for all growing issues within the company (GCC region). You are experienced with hydroponic fruit and vegetable growing, everything from leafy green vegetables to vine crops and strawberries. You implement the best practices of CEA growing in a brand new, state of the art facility, documenting processes that will become the template for expansion for the GCC region.
You lead all prototyping activity for launching production scale new crop varieties. You source local supplies  and managing stock levels of all growing consumables. You enforce  HAACP requirements and hygiene best practices.
You Implement a robust IPM strategy and providing hands on training to a team of new growers. You report to the Head of Operations.

To succeed at Madar Farms, you demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • Self Guided: Ability to work with loosely defined roles and authorities in a rapidly expanding company;
  • Creative Communicator: ability to work with individuals that don’t speak English as their first language. Can organize, summarize, clarify and communicate ideas simply and accurately;
  • Trouble Shooter: proactively looking for potential problems, and then understanding and solving the root cause. Quickly responds to issues and takes ownership of resolutions before escalation;
  • Bravery: possessing the strength of character to express well thought through ideas, and then act upon them, even when potential outcomes are unknown;
  • Pragmatic, Organized, and Detail Oriented: has a big capacity to both think and do. Flourishes in a hands-on role, adding value at different levels. Is strong on details, and highly organized;
  • Pace: moving at the speed of business, often juggling multiple projects and objectives. Able to change direction quickly and get robust results in a short time frame;
  • Inwardly driven, outwardly focused: motivated by the “big picture” idea of Madar Farms to improve nutritional availability with minimal environmental impact.

Your qualifications

  • Education level: Bsc in agronomy, plant biology, horticulture, or agricultural studies; preferable  Msc level;
  • Experience: minimum 10 years experience in CEA growing;
  • Certifications and Training: HAACP certified, must be aware of GAP principles;
  • Physical abilities: able to work in a growing environment, occasionally required to work outside normal office hours to support harvesting and delivery requirements;
  • Travel requirements: able to travel as required independently within GCC region.

Offer of Madar Farms
The chance to join a dynamic and fast growing organization focused on delivering food security to the GCC through the construction and implementation of the latest Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) technologies and techniques to grow a wide range of fruits and vegetables.
An informal, personal working atmosphere. They offer a good salary, accommodation on the site or in the neighbourhood, health insurance for employee and immediate family. Settling in a fascinating region between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. One round trip air ticket, based on IATA rates to your home country per year. Participation in ESOP.

This is an exciting opportunity to join a successful business. So if you are an experienced headgrower or you are ready to take the next step in your career.
Then apply confidentially to or get in contact with Green Career Consult, via Mr. Johan Grootscholten, senior consultant, mobile: +31 (0)6 38976049.
Please sent your cover letter and cv by E-mail to: johan@greencareerconsult.nl