Executive Search

We will also find the right candidate for tougher positions as well

In order to find success, a new manager, MT-member or director must perfectly fit  the strategy, the organisation, the culture, the producers or services and the sector. And of course the assignment he or she gets.

How do we acquire our candidates?

Green Career Consult posesses of a file of professionally screened candidates, who want to fill an executive position in Agribusiness & Food. We make sure to create a very discreet contact with candidates who have a profile that fits the desired profile with which the client has provided us. We select and ‘polish’ until a small group of suitable candidates remains

The method of Green Career Consult

  •   We agree with you upon a searching period. GCC is the only party to assist you in filling your vacancy in this period.
  •   We discuss the demands and desires with you and achieve an agreement on the method of search and the form of our involvement.
  •   We discuss the procedure. In addition to the usual methods (network, database and media) we actively approach candidates who told us they want to be approached, and of whom we know  they excel in their current duty. This is of course completely discrete. In consultation with you, we can expand our search by advertising in various media.
  •   We search, talk to, and screen candidates, after which we present them to you.
  •    In consultation with you an assessment takes place.
  •   We agree with you on a starting time .
  •   At the end of the trial period there will be a moment of evaluation in which the quality of the candidate is discussed.

Green Career Consult delivers customised service! Our method is discreet, professional and effective.