Green Career Consult is good at the recruitment of experienced Agribusiness & Food professionals, both bachelors and masters. Green Career Consult looks for the most appropriate candidates to fill your vacancy. We do this in a personal way. We listen to your demands and know our candidates. This way we create a great match between organisations and professionals!

You are looking for new talent

You are an employer who wants employees who really make the difference. You place high demands on yourself, your company and of course from your future employee, whether it is the new consultant or an  interim-manager in a key position in your company.
You are looking for talent!


We’ll find an employee who suits you!

Talent is Green Career Consult’s keyword. We find the talent that complements your company, allowing people to inspire each other, to learn from each other and to create new concepts and new sales markets. These talents can be found in our big and specialised network of high educated people (HBO/university). Men and women, young and old, specialists and managers: It’s our challenge to find the most suitable people for you.

Our method

  1.         Assignment

We become acquainted your company and discuss the history of the vacancy. If the vacancy fits the profile or our company, then we draft an organisation- and job profile. You will receive a confirmation containing our method, planning and moments of evaluation. When an agreement is reached, we will start the recruitment. We want to present at least two, but preferably three, candidates to you.

  1.         Pre-selection

We gather candidates using file search, advertisement search, direct search & executive search. We select the most suitable men and/or women by interviewing them, taking competency tests and checking their references. These are presented to you. You decide which candidates are invited for an interview.

  1.        Selection

We invite the selected candidates to have a conversation with your company. Usually we are present at the first conversation as a facilitator. We remain involved in the conversations until the candidate is employed. We assist in setting up the employment conditions. We can also organise (external) assessment.

  1.         Completion

We complete the recruitment- and selection process with an evaluation. After three to four months we’ll contact you and the newly employed candidate to talk about experiences. We also offer a warranty procedure for employers. More about this is read in our terms and conditions